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A customs broker such as RCBC is a company licensed by the Belize Customs Brokers and Customs Clerks Board to legally represent importers in their dealings with Customs. Customs Brokers play a vital role in the importing process by ensuring that your goods are in compliance with government regulations. A Customs Broker can facilitate an entry on the importer's behalf and classify goods according to the Harmonized Customs Tariff to apply duties and taxes owing to the Government of Belize. RCBC begins to arrange customs clearance for your shipments before they arrive in Belize. We also connect directly to Belize Customs using Asycuda World.

A Customs Broker can also arrange Local Trucking, Warehousing, Customs Bonds and Cargo Insurance. The broker can also provide Trade Consultants to handle more serious issues such as Trademark, Duty Exemptions and other Trade issues.

Constant changes in government rules and regulations require constant monitoring. Most companies find it too expensive and time consuming to monitor these changes. At RCBC, individual attention is ensured and our dedicated team will work out any duty and taxes and liaise with Customs to ascertain the speedy transit of your goods. It makes good business sense to hire a customs broker to ensure that the goods are processed in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Some goods are subject to other government department regulations and may require permits or certificates. It is important to determine these specifics prior to importation to ensure that your goods are compliant. In the event of any problems such as awaiting import licenses, we can transfer the goods into our bonded warehouse and reduce any costly storage bills associated with airline/port facilities.

Unless exempted, all goods imported into Belize are subject to Customs Import Duties and Taxes. In order to determine the applicable duties and taxes payable, you must first determine their tariff classification. In addition to Customs Import Duty and General Sales Taxes, some goods are also assessed in relation to other taxes, including Excise Duties, Revenue Replacement Duties and Environmental Tax.

This is a refund from Belize Customs of duties paid on imported products when they are exported from Belize. To qualify for Duty Drawback, you will need proof that the imported item was exported from the Belize. Import and export documents should be available. Duty drawback is a complicated procedure. Please see your Customs Broker for further information

A bond is “a contract which is given to ensure the performance of an obligation by a law or regulation” When the bond is executed, the bond principal agrees to pay duties, taxes and charges in a timely manner, to make or complete entry, to produce documents and evidence, to redeliver merchandise etc.

In lieu of a bond, an importer has the option of posting cash or other obligations in a sum equal to the bond amount. However, if an importer deposits money with Customs, such funds will not be released until sometime after entry is perfected; this could take months or even years. RCBC can assist the importer in getting the proper bond to expedite the release of their shipment.

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